Dr. Patrizia Cannata


Dr. Patrizia Cannata

Get to know Dr. Patty

Dr Patrizia Cannata, better known as Dr. Patty, is an associate dentist at Chatham Dental Centre. She graduated from Dental School at Western University in London, Ontario. Dr. Patty was born and raised in Sudan, where she originally graduated from dental school in 2009 became, and she is fluent in all dialects of Arabic. Meanwhile, Dr. Patty’s is also conversant in Italian.

Dr. Patty was drawn to Chatham in particular, for an opportunity to work with Dr. Cadigan, and his values on mentorship and professional development. She also appreciates working in Steveston, where she lives and enjoys giving back to the community. “I love that I treat people I run into at the grocery store and local shops. It feels like we are one big family and we look out for each other.”

“Whether it’s fixing a chipped or discolored tooth, or relieving them of pain, they leave better than when they came in.”

Dr. Patty enjoys dancing in a variety of styles as well as doing yoga. She is always up for trying new & culturally diverse foods.

Dr. Patty’s favorite part about being a dentist is the instant gratification she can provide to a patient. For Dr. Patty, the most important aspect of dentistry is helping others.