I had fun at my dentist!


I had fun at my dentist!

Posted by Admin in News 02 Apr 2012

I know, I know…..a dentist? Are you thinking, she must be crazy? How could anyone have fun at the dentist’s office?

It is possible with a certain kind of dentist. One with a great sense of humour and a smile that could melt ice at minus 40 degrees. While growing up in Winnipeg as a boy it’s a good thing Dr. James Cadigan didn’t smile at the Red and Assiniboine Rivers while skating on them.

Dr. Cadigan’s profession was predestined. Both of his parents are dentists. They met while attending dental school in England. Dad is English and mom is from a small island east of Madagascar called Mauritius – very exotic. I looked it up and want to go there right now! Dr. Cadigan bought his practice Chatham Dental Centre from Dr. Barbara Brady about two years ago. As a result he has happily been serving existing and new patients while they relax in those comfortable chairs with a view of the North Shore mountains. What could be better?

A friend of mine referred me to Dr. Cadigan and he is – in all sincerity – the best dentist! The office is comfortable and inviting and his staff are warm and welcoming. It’s like visiting a friend, although my friends don’t have the technology that Chatham Dental Centre is equipped with. Patients of Dr. Cadigan benefit from digital X-Ray, soft tissue laser, an in-house lab and super trendy green sunglasses (that’s what they look like) designed to protect your eyes.

Children like Dr. Cadigan. I know why too: he’s relaxed, joyful and that smile… As any parent knows, excellent dental health starts at a young age, the earlier the better. A pleasant experience with an enjoyable dentist could set the tone for life.

On the other end of the age spectrum, anyone requiring dentures will be served from start to finish by Dr. Cadigan. He is one of the few family dentists who crafts custom dentures for his patients. All of the work is completed in one place by the person you trust.

A perfect fit for Steveston, James Cadigan is really grateful for the small and completely distinctive businesses here. He supports our business community at every opportunity. Coming from a large tight-knit family my dentist knows the value of the old adage “It takes a village…”

Handsome and stylish, Dr. James Cadigan is one of my favourite Essential People of Steveston.

Observations by Christine Durgo
Spring 2012 Steveston Community Society newsletter


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