Steve’s story: the power of cosmetic dentistry


Steve’s story: the power of cosmetic dentistry

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health, News 08 Dec 2014

Take a good look at Steve’s beautiful smile. Steve is a friend who became a client of mine at Chatham Dental Centre and has allowed me to share his story.

When I met Steve

Steve and I met through friends. I noticed immediately that Steve didn’t smile much and appeared to be covering his mouth at times. I see a lot of this kind of behaviour in my dental practice. When someone has not liked the look of their teeth for a long time, they tend to develop a series of behaviours, such as keeping their mouth closed and putting a hand over their mouth when they talk. Steve was certainly doing this.

When he learned I was a dentist, he reluctantly showed me his teeth and explained that he had a long history of dental problems and pain. He had developed a fear of going to the dentist. He would fight off toothaches for weeks until they didn’t hurt anymore. He was a professional avoider.
However, Steve knew this was not a good course of action and could lead to severe health problems later in life. As well, he confided to me that he had always disliked the appearance of his teeth. He had a high smile line, meaning his upper gums showed when he smiled. He also had gaps between his teeth, which he disliked.

Steve’s girlfriend was pregnant with their first child. Steve confessed that he dreamed of being able to smile at his newborn confidently with a full set of teeth.

Steve, before and after
Steve’s remarkable transformation, thanks to the power of restorative cosmetic dentistry.

Steve’s Transformation at Chatham Dental Centre

Providing someone with the confidence to smile is one of the most gratifying things I do as a dentist. It can have a huge impact on a person’s life, happiness and even their career potential.

It was easy for me to see that fixing Steve’s teeth would make a massive difference to him and would erase years of shame and dissatisfaction. Steve was excited about the prospect of transforming his smile, but was still terrified of sitting in the chair and having dental work.

I worked with Steve to reassure him that I would take care of him and communicate with him all through the process to help him manage his anxiety and fears…

Steve had a total of 2 treatment appointments and 7 records and consultation appointments. His first treatment was on June 21, 2014. Just over three months later, on September 25, 2014, Steve left my office with the smile he had always wanted, but had only ever dreamed of.

When Steve’s daughter was born on November 12, 2014, Steve was able to greet her confidently and proudly with a huge smile and beautiful teeth.

Steve Now

Steve continues to be a client. When I see him out socially or in my office for a check-up, it’s obvious to me that he feels happier and more confident. He certainly carries himself that way.

Steve was always a handsome guy. But he didn’t feel this way before. Now that he has a smile he can be proud of, Steve finally feels like the handsome guy that he is.

I am so happy to have met Steve and to have played a role in restoring Steve’s smile and his confidence.

Thanks for letting me tell your story Steve.

  • JBong June 11, 2016 at 1:29 am / Reply

    Wow, that is an amazing transformation! What a great dental work you did!

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