Don’t miss out on your dental benefits


Don’t miss out on your dental benefits

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 25 Nov 2015

We hate to remind you, but another year has nearly gone by and 2016 is looming up fast. In the midst of preparing for the holidays, it is easy to forget about dental care. Please make sure you have used all your dental benefits for 2015. Dental care plans will often reset going into the New Year and you may miss out on low-cost or free treatment options that you are entitled to claim.

Get Up-to-Date with Your Dental Care

Please check with your dental plan to find out if you are covered for any more treatment this year and to discover which treatments are included. This will generally be preventative dental care, for example your regular check-ups, x-rays and hygiene appointments and restorative care such as fillings. Do you have any outstanding dental work to complete? If you are overdue to have a filling placed or renewed then now is the time to sort it out and to contact us so we can fit you in before the end of the year.

Making Sure You’re Ready for the Festivities with a Check-up

This is a great time of year to make sure your teeth are ready to chomp through all those Christmas goodies and to get any niggling issues sorted out. Do you have tooth sensitivity problems whenever you eat something hot or cold? Let us take a look just in case you have a cavity developing or perhaps a filling that needs renewing. If you do have an idea that something is wrong with a tooth then it is a really good idea to get it sorted out before the holidays and before it could develop into a dental emergency; there is never a good time to develop toothache but it can seem even more grim when you are trying to celebrate. Your regular dental exam is also a good time to get your teeth professionally cleaned.

Put a Sparkle in Your Smile with a Hygiene Appointment

If you are due for a hygiene treatment then this is an excellent way to freshen up your smile while protecting your teeth and gums. We suggest having a hygiene treatment at the same time as your regular exam so you can get everything done in an hour or so. By carefully removing hardened plaque, a substance called tartar, we will reduce your risk of tooth decay and gum disease. Afterwards teeth are polished so you should notice your smile looks a bit brighter than before. As another nice side effect, your breath should be a bit fresher.

Chatham Dental Centre is generally pretty busy in the weeks leading up to Christmas, so please don’t put it off any longer and book your appointment today. We want to make sure you get the very most out of your dental plan and can look forward to 2016 with a healthy, problem-free smile.

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