Is your smile ready for romance?


Is your smile ready for romance?

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 05 Feb 2016

Love it or loathe it, February is traditionally the month for love. Whether you’re looking or are happily settled, your smile can be a powerful asset. Studies have shown nearly half of people when meeting someone for the first time, will remember their smile above everything else. These days it’s never been easier to make sure your smile looks its best and Chatham Dental Centre has some great treatments that can help. So where do you start? Good oral hygiene is essential if you’re hoping to get close to someone this Valentine’s Day so why not book a hygiene appointment?

Put a Sparkle in Your Smile and Freshen up Your Breath

An oral hygiene appointment to scale and polish your teeth is a great way to put a sparkle in your smile. We can gently scale or scrape hardened plaque or calculus and treatment is finished by carefully polishing your teeth. This treatment can help remove some surface stains, will protect your gums against gingivitis and periodontal disease and is an excellent way to freshen up your breath. If you have a more persistent case of halitosis, then book a checkup with our dentist, Dr James Cadigan.

Treating More Persistent Halitosis

While halitosis or bad breath is often down to eating certain types of foods like garlic and onions, more persistent cases can require investigation. It might be that you have an untreated cavity or perhaps a dental appliance isn’t fitting as well as it should, or it’s possible you may have gum disease. Sometimes halitosis can be due to other medical -related problems or can be caused by prescription medications. Whatever the reason, a dental checkup will help determine the cause and we can prescribe the correct treatment to give you sweeter smelling breath.

Cosmetic Dentistry Can Produce Wonderful Results

If you fancy making some changes to the appearance of your teeth we can definitely help you. Chatham Dental Centre has a range of cosmetic dentistry treatments that can create small or more significant changes to the appearance of your smile. One of the easiest and most affordable is to opt for a tooth whitening treatment that can be carried out right here in our dental practice or if you prefer we can provide a customised kit to use at home. If you need any restorative dentistry, we can offer you beautiful crowns and bridges and even renewing old and stained fillings can create quite a difference. Fed up with crooked teeth? We have an easy solution which is to use nearly invisible braces. With the use of clear plastic aligners, we can gently but firmly reposition your teeth to give you the straighter smile you desire.

If you are considering a smile makeover then we may not be able to complete it in time for Valentine’s Day this year but romantic opportunities can happen at any point during the year. Knowing your smile looks great can significantly boost self-confidence and self-esteem and these can be very attractive assets.

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