Are you ready to greet spring with a smile?


Are you ready to greet spring with a smile?

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 01 May 2016

As the days get longer, brighter and warmer, the temptation to get outdoors and enjoy the great weather definitely increases. At this time of year many people’s diaries begin to bulge with upcoming social events and vacation plans, but if you happen to grin at the mirror are you entirely happy with what you see? If the answer is no, not really, then let us help restore your smile and your confidence.

Checkups and hygiene appointments will help put a sparkle in your smile

We like to see our patients every six months for regular checkups. This gives us a chance to check for any small problems and at the same time it’s your opportunity to discuss any issues you might have about your oral health. Your hygiene appointment is such an easy way to help put a sparkle in your smile while protecting your dental health. After carefully cleaning your teeth, we can gently polish them, removing small stains and adding lustre to your teeth. If this isn’t quite enough to improve your smile then why not chat to us about cosmetic dentistry? We have a huge range of excellent treatments, many of which are highly affordable.

Planning ahead for the summer

It’s a great time to think about improving your smile for summer and perhaps to plan ahead for a special event. By talking to us about your aims and desires, we can recommend the most suitable treatments. Whether you’re looking to have a complete smile makeover or just want to improve the overall appearance, we can definitely help you. By starting earlier, we will have plenty of time to sort out treatments and appointments, leaving you free to enjoy the summer with a confident, healthy and attractive smile.

Teeth Whitening and other wow factor treatments

Teeth whitening is one of our most popular treatments and can definitely help give your smile that ‘Wow’ factor within just a very short time. By opting to professionally whiten your teeth, you are assured of obtaining high quality and long-lasting results in a way that is comfortable and safe. Choose from whitening in our dental office, or by using a custom-made home whitening kit. Every treatment is individually designed to maximise results and to minimise unwanted side-effects such as tooth sensitivity.

Other potential treatments include porcelain veneers and beautiful crowns and bridges, as well as more advanced procedures such as teeth straightening with the very latest invisible aligners and the most advanced dental implants.

Why wait a moment longer?

Planning to improve your smile can be exciting and fun and we take extensive care to ensure the final results are beautiful and long-lasting. If it’s been more than six months since you visited Dr James Cadigan, then don’t delay and get on the phone to us to book your check-up and cleaning and take that first vital step towards getting a beautiful and healthy smile. Reading this outside of office hours? Then why not request an appointment using the convenient form on our website. We have made sure it is easy to see us here at Chatham Dental Centre as we are even open on Saturdays!

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