Get Ready for the New School Year


Get Ready for the New School Year

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 17 Aug 2016

The start of the new school term is fast approaching. Parents might be silently rejoicing that the summer vacations are coming to an end, but children might not be quite so enthusiastic. The end of August, just before the new school year starts, is a great time to think about getting your child’s dental check-ups and any treatments up-to-date, so that dental appointments don’t interfere with the beginning of the new school year.

Regular Preventative Dentistry is Awesome

We always prefer finding ways to prevent dental problems from occurring and this is why we love preventative dentistry. It’s an easy and ultimately more cost-effective way to help your child enjoy a lifetime of great dental health. By bringing them in to see us regularly, we can soon pick up on any small problems before they become big ones, and before they begin causing discomfort or pain.

Tooth Decay is Preventable

Tooth decay can be prevented and we can work with you and your child to help their teeth remain cavity-free. When they first come to see us, we can assess their level of risk for tooth decay and will work out the best preventative treatment plan to lower this risk. Often this may as simple as coming to see us regularly for check-ups and a hygiene appointment with one of our friendly hygienists. There are also some preventative dental treatments that can be very effective. These include dental or fissure sealants and fluoride treatments.

What are Fissure Sealants?

Fissure sealants protect the chewing surfaces of back teeth as these can often develop cavities due to the intricate grooves and fissures that help to grind up food. They consist of a thin layer of flowable resin that seals the tooth, creating a smooth easy-to-clean surface. The resin is thin enough not to interfere with the way teeth bite together, and this treatment is quick and non-invasive. All that will happen is that the sealant is painted onto newly cleaned teeth and can either be left to harden naturally or will be hardened using a special light. That’s it!

Fluoride Treatments

Fluoride helps to harden tooth surfaces, making them more resistant to decay and it can be very useful as part of a preventative dental care plan. It can be applied to teeth in several different ways, including as a varnish that is painted onto the teeth and left to penetrate for a few hours, or in the form of a professional strength mouthwash at the end of their appointment.

If your child is a bit nervous about seeing a dentist, then we’d like to set your mind at rest as we are all very friendly here at Chatham Dental Centre and we’d love the opportunity to prove to them that dental visits aren’t scary. We cater to cowards! Just let us know about your concerns when you book their appointment so we can take extra special care to help them feel relaxed and comfortable.

Chatham Dental Centre is a family oriented dental practice and we always welcome children to our dental office. If it has been a while since your child last came to see us, or if they need a new dentist, then why not give us a call or schedule a visit using our convenient online request form.

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