Is it time to straighten up?


Is it time to straighten up?

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 01 Dec 2016

There’s no doubt about it, a straighter smile can look pretty attractive, but most of us were not born with naturally straight teeth. Straightening up has never been easier or quicker thanks to recent advances in orthodontics. If you have always hankered after a straighter smile, the fall and winter months can be a great time to think about orthodontic treatment. By the time summer rolls around, you could already be enjoying a straighter smile. At the very least you will have begun to see real results and some people may even be able to complete treatment within just a few months.

No Need for Metal Braces

One thing that often concerns people is whether their braces will be visible. Most of us have memories of seeing friends and classmates spend years wearing heavy ‘train tracks’ that were tricky to clean. Nowadays modern orthodontics is quite different and we can use invisible braces to discreetly straighten your teeth. These orthodontic systems use clear aligners that are virtually impossible to see once in the mouth and are perfect for busy adults.

Here at Chatham Dental Centre, we have two great options to help you achieve the straighter smile you desire. The first is Invisalign, a system you may already have heard of as it is tremendously popular. The second is called Clearline and it works in a way that is very similar to Invisalign. Invisible braces are great for correcting a range of orthodontic problems and where treatment is pretty straightforward. They may not be suitable for anyone with more complex issues requiring correction.

How do Aligners Straighten Teeth?

The clear plastic aligners used in treatment fit very tightly over the teeth and are designed to gradually move teeth into pre-determined positions. Patients wear a series of aligners, with each set being worn for two to three weeks before being discarded for the next set in the series to continue moving teeth. You just continue wearing these progressive sets of aligners until treatment is complete.

Get To See Your New Smile before Treatment Begins

Thanks to the wonders of technology, we can show you virtual images of your new smile before you begin treatment. This is a great way to see if braces will provide you with the desired results and it can be quite exciting. We create these images using special software, and will take impressions, x-rays and photos of your teeth to plan your treatment, step by step.

Minimal Disruption to Your Everyday Life

Treatment couldn’t be more straightforward as the only thing you need to do is to wear the aligners for most of the time, only removing them for mealtimes and for brushing and flossing. You can eat whatever you want and you won’t need to spend any additional time cleaning round fiddly brackets and wires. You will be provided with several sets of aligners at a time and will probably only need check-up appointments every six to eight weeks.
If you think it’s time to straighten up, why not contact us to find out more? Provided your teeth are healthy and strong, it is never too late to benefit from orthodontics.

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