Smile, it’s wedding season


Smile, it’s wedding season

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 07 Jun 2017

Wedding season is well under way and perhaps you have an invite or two this summer? Whether we’re a guest, a member of the wedding party, or the bride or groom, it is a time when we want to look our very best. You’ve spent time and money picking the perfect outfit, but are you confident your smile looks its most beautiful? After all, these special moments are immortalised forever and the photos will be available for everyone to see. Even if time is tight, there are still quick and easy fixes that will soon improve the appearance of your pearly whites.

Spruce Up Your Wedding Smile with a Professional Cleaning

If it has been a while since you last saw a hygienist here at Chatham Dental Centre, why not book an appointment today? Over time, hardened plaque or calculus can build up over your teeth, usually at the junction where your teeth meet your gums. Calculus can look discoloured and yellow, so removing it will quickly brighten up your smile. It is also a lovely treatment for your gums. Polishing your teeth will remove some surface stains, so they look slightly brighter and whiter, but if this isn’t quite enough, consider a professional tooth whitening treatment.

Why Get a Professional Teeth Whitening treatment?

Having your teeth professionally whitened is the most effective way to lift the overall colour of your teeth and it is also the safest. Before you can whiten, our dentist Dr. James Cadigan will need to examine your teeth to make sure treatment is safe for you. Trying to whiten unhealthy teeth, or a mouth where gum disease is present can be uncomfortable and best and could cause more damage to your mouth. Your professional whitening treatment will be fully customised for you, as Dr. Cadigan can adjust the strength of the whitening gel used to make sure the experience is comfortable and effective.

In-Chair Whitening or a Customised Home Whitening Kit

If time is short, the fastest way to whiten is with a single in-chair appointment that will take approximately an hour or so. This will significantly brighten your smile and the results will immediately be evident. If you have a bit longer before the wedding, it can be worth considering a home whitening kit. With this option, Dr. Cadigan will make custom-fitted whitening trays that will comfortably cover your teeth. You will simply need to fill the trays with our professional whitening gel and the trays can be worn for an hour each day. This treatment can be advantageous if your teeth are a bit sensitive, because Dr. Cadigan can prescribe a lower strength whitening gel so you can whiten more comfortably and at a pace to suit you. It generally takes two weeks to complete home whitening, but afterwards you will still have the whitening trays to re-use later on. A home teeth whitening treatment is a cost-effective way to safely improve the appearance of your teeth and will give you a beautiful gleaming smile for all those wedding photos.

How Long Will Tooth Whitening Last?

The results of teeth whitening should last for quite a while, but this does largely depend on your lifestyle habits. If you love to eat and drink highly coloured foods, then your teeth will become stained more quickly. The same applies if you smoke. Dr. Cadigan can offer more personalised advice after examining your teeth and he will tell you how frequently you can safely re-whiten.

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