Will your smile look fabulous this fall?


Will your smile look fabulous this fall?

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 21 Aug 2017

The summer sun makes it easy to look and feel your best, but as the vacation season is drawing to a close and tans begin to fade, you might feel down in the mouth. Instead of dreading the shorter cooler days why not embrace the changing seasons and plan to look fabulous this fall? Just think, by the time thanksgiving, Halloween and the winter holidays roll around, you could be sporting a glamorous new smile.

Where to Start?

It all depends on your aims and desires. Do you want a perfect, Hollywood style smile, or would you prefer something more natural, refreshing your general appearance?

These days, there are numerous treatments to think about. The quickest and most cost-effective options include teeth whitening, white fillings and porcelain inlays and onlays. More comprehensive treatments to consider are crowns and bridges and porcelain veneers. These will only take a few weeks to complete.

Some other procedures that are more complicated will take a little longer, but can be worth considering. These include adult orthodontics to straighten your smile and dental implants will restore missing teeth. While you may need to spend a bit longer on these procedures, the results can potentially last for life. Dr. James Cadigan can explain all these treatments in much more detail and will discuss which are most suitable for you.

When to Choose Quick and Easy Treatments

Faster treatments like white fillings and teeth whitening are perfect if you are generally happy with the appearance and shape of your teeth, but have teeth that are discoloured and stained. Teeth will stain as a natural consequence of aging or may discolour if you have a preference for highly coloured foods. Teeth whitening is fast and effective and will safely lift the colour of your teeth by several shades. White fillings can be used to restore teeth damaged by tooth decay, or which have become chipped or worn down.

When to Consider Crowns, Bridges and Veneers

Crowns and bridges are great for preserving badly damaged teeth, and for replacing teeth that are missing completely. If you have older restorations, these may be coming up to their sell-by date as they do need to be replaced periodically. The nice thing about replacing older restorations is that the newest crowns and bridges will look much better.

Metal-free crowns and bridges are well worth considering if aesthetics is important. Porcelain veneers can help to perfect a smile and this treatment is often used to hide badly stained or chipped and worn teeth.

When to Choose Longer Treatments

Treatments that take a bit longer are often worth the additional time and effort, and may be a good investment in your dental health and in your smile. Dental implants are often the most effective long-term solution for tooth loss and may be used to replace single or multiple teeth. Adult orthodontics such as Invisalign will straighten up your smile in a way that is nearly invisible and it can be a longer lasting option than using porcelain veneers to realign teeth.

To find out more, just contact Chatham Dental Centre to book your consultation. Choosing any of these treatments could give you a smile that will look fabulous well beyond fall.

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