Chase away seasonal blues with a quick winter smile makeover

winter smile makeover

Chase away seasonal blues with a quick winter smile makeover

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 16 Nov 2018

It is that time of year when everything can seem a little gray and gloomy, but a quick winter smile makeover could soon have you grinning with delight, no matter the weather outside. Of course, it is coming up to the party season, so it is a great time to start planning!

Chatham Dental Centre offers a wide range of treatments to help your smile look its beautiful best. Our emphasis is always on ensuring you enjoy excellent dental health, using procedures designed to protect and enhance your natural teeth.

Smile makeover: where to begin?

Initially, you will need a consultation with our dentist, Dr. James Cadigan. One thing we must check is to see if your teeth and gums are healthy because optimal dental health provides a strong foundation for any smile makeover and ensures you will enjoy the results for longer.

Have a think about how you would like to change your smile before you see our dentist because this will help you explain your aims and desires for treatment more clearly. Understanding you allows us to carefully tailor your treatment plan to meet or even exceed these aims! Once Dr. Cadigan has checked your dental health, he can suggest a suitable treatment plan.

Possible solutions for your winter smile makeover include teeth whitening, white fillings, and crowns and bridges. Other treatments that will take a little longer, but which could be worth considering include dental implants for restoring missing teeth and invisible braces.

Teeth Whitening

Tooth whitening is a great way to get your winter smile makeover, and one of our most popular treatments because it is fast, safe and affordable. There are two ways you can whiten your teeth, and the first is to have custom whitening trays. These are far superior to anything you can purchase over-the-counter and will fit comfortably over your teeth, ensuring your teeth whiten evenly and that bleaching gel cannot leak out and damage your gums. If time is of the essence, book an in-office whitening treatment and see your teeth brighten in a single appointment.

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White Fillings

White fillings, and especially those right at the front of the mouth, can look stained and discoloured after a few years. Renewing them is a nice way to refresh your smile while protecting it! The effect is subtle but does make a difference, and only needs a single appointment. Teeth whitening doesn’t affect the colour of any fillings so it can be nice to first whiten your teeth before renewing your fillings to match. The composite resin material used for white fillings can help improve the overall shape of teeth that might be worn, chipped or which are not quite the right shape. It can also close or minimize some unsightly spaces in between teeth.

Crowns and Bridges

Do you have some ageing crowns or bridges? Eventually, all restorations need replacing and Dr. Cadigan can regularly assess their condition and will suggest you replace them when appropriate. The great thing about having a new crown or bridge is that you should notice a significant improvement in the appearance of the restoration. The materials used to fabricate these restorations have improved considerably over the past few years, and the most advanced all-ceramic crowns and bridges can look fabulous, and of course, there is the added advantage of protecting your smile.

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Planning for More Comprehensive Treatments

Other treatments such as invisible braces, or dental implants for restoring missing teeth take a bit longer to complete but can produce results that will last for years or even for life. Invisible braces use thin, clear aligner trays that discreetly move teeth into the correct positions and are super-easy to use. Dental implants are the premier solution for tooth loss, providing you with durable, secure teeth that look amazingly natural, and they protect your dental health too. They are suitable for replacing single or multiple teeth, and for restoring complete arches of teeth.

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Want to get started with your winter smile makeover? Just request an appointment and we’ll get back to you quickly to schedule one.

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