Will you be grinning with good health this Christmas?


Will you be grinning with good health this Christmas?

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 11 Dec 2017

‘Tis the season to be jolly, but the holidays can also be a time when regular oral care routines go out of the window, and then, of course, there are all those tasty festive foods and drinks. With a little bit of thought and preparation, you can still have a great time without damaging your pearly whites. We have listed a few simple tips that will help you greet the New Year with a smile.

Keeping Up-to-Date with Your Dental Appointments

If your checkup is overdue then we recommend booking your appointment as soon as you can, especially if you have been experiencing any niggles or discomfort in your teeth. A toothache can make even the most cheerful person feel like the Grinch and could potentially ruin a holiday, especially if you are away visiting friends and family and need to find an emergency dentist who will not have your dental records to hand.

Dr. James Cadigan will gently check your mouth to make sure you don’t have any tooth decay or signs of gum disease, or restorations that are leaking or failing. If needed, we can treat any problems, relieving any discomfort and providing you with peace of mind over the holidays.

A professional dental cleaning is excellent for dental health and has the added advantage of freshening your breath and removing some surface stains from your teeth, giving them a little extra sparkle for the holidays.

Looking After Your Teeth While Away from Home

If you are going away this year then don’t forget to pack your toothbrush, plus its charger if it is electric, your favourite toothpaste and plenty of dental floss. Although it is possible to buy replacements, you might not be able to get your preferred brand.

When visiting friends or family for the day, it can be useful to pack a travel toothbrush, just in case your plans change, and you need to stay overnight, or if you want to freshen up during a long day. We know it can be tempting to skip brushing and flossing if you are tired, but please remember it only takes a few minutes to thoroughly clean your teeth before bed and it is a simple way to protect your dental health.

Choosing Tasty, Festive and Tooth-Friendly Foods

Chocolate, fizzy pop and sticky treats all look appealing but will only give you a very brief moment of pleasure. If you can, choose healthier festive foods that taste great and which will nourish your body. Turkey is an excellent example as it is rich in phosphorus and high in protein, and just the meat alone is low-fat and relatively low in calories. Take advantage of all the fresh veggies that go with a Christmas meal, as they contain lots of vitamins and minerals that will maintain good oral health (love them or loathe them, Brussel sprouts are especially healthy and are high in vitamin C, so they are great for your gums).

At the end of the meal choose cheese rather than heavy puddings. Cheese is great for your teeth as it is high in calcium and chewing cheese stimulates saliva flow. Saliva helps to wash away bacteria and excess food particles, and it enables your mouth to maintain a more neutral pH. Drink plenty of water in between and at mealtimes, as this will also help to keep your mouth clean and healthy.

With just a little care and planning, you can sail through the holiday season with a healthy smile.

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