Make your New Year’s Resolution something to smile about


Make your New Year’s Resolution something to smile about

Posted by James Cadigan in Dental Health 03 Jan 2016

January is a time for resolutions, many of which will have fallen by the wayside a few weeks down the line. This year why not set some reasonable and achievable goals to improve your dental health? Deciding to make these improvements can be pretty easy and we’ve put together a few simple tips that will help maintain good oral health right throughout the year.

You already know this, but it is important to brush your teeth at least twice a day, preferably once before breakfast and last thing at night before you go to bed. By brushing your teeth thoroughly, you’ll remove plaque from tooth surfaces before it can harden into calculus. This is the hard substance that has to be scraped or scaled during your professional cleanings at our dental practice and its presence can increase your risk of gum disease.

Make sure you use good quality fluoride toothpaste as this will help prevent tooth decay. After you have finished brushing, spit out the excess but don’t rinse as this allows fluoride ions to remain on your tooth surfaces a little longer where they’ll provide a bit of additional protection.

Change your toothbrush every 2 to 3 months, as soon as the bristles begin to look worn or become splayed. When picking your toothbrush, choose a brush with medium to soft bristles and the bristles should be rounded at the ends so they don’t damage your gums. You don’t need to brush your teeth very hard to get good results but you do need to use the right technique. Ask us if you’d like some help with your brushing technique.

Don’t forget to floss every day and it’s best floss last thing at night so you go to bed with a clean mouth. Hate flossing? Ask us for advice on how to floss more easily or other options for flossing, for example interdental brushes which some people find a lot easier to use.

If you wish, you can use an antimicrobial mouth rinse to provide a little extra protection against plaque and it’s worth looking for one that includes fluoride and which is alcohol-free.

A healthy diet is essential for healthy teeth and gums so make sure yours includes plenty of vitamins and minerals; we are blessed here in BC as we have plenty of tasty fruits and vegetables that are grown right on our doorstep.

These tips are all very straightforward, but of course it’s really important that you come and see us for regular checkups and professional cleanings. We only need to see you once every six months but routine examinations are a very easy way to make sure your teeth and gums stay healthy. Routine cleanings will remove any hardened plaque or calculus and if we think you’re missing any areas when you brush and floss then we can work with you to improve your technique.

The great thing about looking after your dental health is that it’s the best way to enjoy lower dental bills and less time in our dental chair! Another nice side effect is that great dental health protects your general health and that is definitely something to smile about.


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